Golden Globes Gift Lounge

Golden Globes Gift Lounge
Eric Stonestreet at the Golden Globes Gift Lounge

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Karen White Gallery

I have finally opened that Gallery I always said I was going to open. In Brisbane though, not Melbourne, but one day we will get there. I have met a lot of wonderfull Artists and Creatives from Brisbane and South East Queensland already and I look forward to meeting more. It is hard work and I still have a few hurdles to jump but I am having a go and learning a lot.

Artists pay no commission on sales as we just charge for the space they rent. There are a variety of Shelf and wall spaces ranging from $10 - $100 a week depending on size and most average between $10 - $40. We will be having our first opening on the 10th of May from 6pm - 9pm and I'm sure it will be a success. If you are in the Brisbane area on that night you are most welcome to come along.

Here is our Facebook Link

Here is Nina Simone with "Feeling Good"