Golden Globes Gift Lounge

Golden Globes Gift Lounge
Eric Stonestreet at the Golden Globes Gift Lounge

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friends on Friday

On Fridays, from today on, I will be introducing you to a few of my very talented friends on Zazzle. They do some amazing work and represent the vast array of work you can find on Zazzle. The work comes from all over the world. Enjoy.

Nikki Cutro

An Artist who works out of New Jersey, USA. Nikki loves her animals and is also inspired by nature and statues as is evident in her work. Her design are a lot of fun an would suit almost any occasion.

Ricaso Graphics

There are an amazing range of quirky designs and creatures here from angels to zoo animals. Other subjects include politics, sport and sub cultures. An interesting shop indeed and terribly British, wot wot.

I Love Giraffes shirt
I Love Giraffes by Ricaso_Graphics
Make a customized t shirt online at

Kirsten Edwards

A self taught artist from Texas USA, who loves the earth, animals and creating. You will find all sorts of whimsical creatures and critters here. Definitely one for fairy and fantasy lovers.

It was very hard to pick from just a few designs from these lovely people as they have such a big range. Now one to help out our animal friends.

"Pets Haven: is a "no kill" pet refuge in Victoria, Australia. They desperately need funds to help with their vet bills. If you would like to help or would just like to know more about them please click on the link below.

Things for Thursday

Today I will be showing you some of the items I have been working on recently. The good thing about "Zazzle" is that it enables you to put your designs on many different products. It's a lot of fun though you do have to watch the time as you can be in there for hours. I'll just throw a few things on here for you to have a look at. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I believe there are two types of elephants, The one that runs around the wilds of Africa that you hope you don't run into while they are cranky, then there is the Indian beastie that you find across Asia. The second type are the ones you find in zoos, parades and circuses. I can only imagine how long it would take to paint and prepare an elephant for a ceremony in India and I wonder how cooperative they are. An elephant with his trunk up is considered lucky for some reason. One thing that is for sure, is I will be doing a lot more creative work with these fantastic creatures.

Patchwork Elephants keychain keychain
Patchwork Elephants keychain by kewzoo
Design your own key chain at zazzle

Monday, July 26, 2010

Must love Dogs.

These two are my best friends in the world and they are both rescue dogs. Mason ( first photo with Toby the cat, also a rescue pet) who is a Bichon x Maltese, was dumped in a Kennel at two years of age as his owner decided to move interstate with her new boyfriend. We have had him for nearly six years now and would never part with him.

We decided he needed a girlfriend so Ginny, ( second photo) who is a Shitzu x Maltese, came all the way down from Hervey Bay when she was two years old. Her owner decided she was too much work to keep. That was three years ago, she now rules our house with an iron paw, is very smart, loyal and loving. They both get on very well with the cats and Ginny tends to mother them.

Dogs are great company and give so much more than they get. They deserve to have a happy life so think really hard before you ask "How much is that puppy in the window" as they do require a little bit of work but are worth it. They are not "Toys" to be dumped when you get bored with them. A lot of dogs are not so lucky as to land on all four paws like my two have.

My Little Supermodel sticker
My Little Supermodel by kewzoo
View all other stickers on

Some pet rescue sites so you can adopt your new best friend.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Cats are cool. Having had the pleasure of been owned by quite a few by this time, I love the way they all have distinct personalities, are independent and affectionate all at the same time. Ours get along quite well with the dogs and they all snuggle up together if it gets cold. They make great subjects for drawing whether they are curled up and asleep or up to mischief. They have been our companions for many centuries now and have never let us forget that they were once worshipped as gods in ancient Egypt. Lucky for us humans, they do not have an opposable thumb otherwise they would have taken over the world by now.

Cat 14 Tote bag bag
Cat 14 Tote bag by kewzoo
Create your own canvas tote bags from zazzle

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I've always had a thing about Camels. I know they are cranky animals with strange feet and knobbly knees but I think it is just the fact that they look plain weird that I like them so much. They conjure up visions of far away, exotic places and childhood stories like "Arabian Nights" even though there are thousands of feral camels running wild in Outback Australia. They were set free by the old explorers and camel train operators who used them for what they are best known for the "Ships of the Desert"

I use them in a lot of my mixed media work but I also love to draw and paint them. They lend themselves to comical characters very well I find. People usually smile when they look at the finished product though, I have been told, never trust a grinning camel.

Groovy Camels Card card
Groovy Camels Card by kewzoo
Shop for a different card on Zazzle

Crazy Camel postage stamp
Crazy Camel postage by kewzoo
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Friday, July 23, 2010



One of my most popular designs on Zazzle, are these little owls. The drawing was created using pencil, ink and white acrylic paint. I then scan them on to found paper to make a whole heap of different designs. I love scrounging around various card and gift shops to see what new paper treasures I can find. This particular version on a greeting card has matching postage and envelopes to send to the owl lover in your life. It also come on various other products. I am in the process of making matching stationery with all the owl designs I have on Zazzle.

Espy Awards

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be include with a group of talented artists at the "Espy Awards" gift loung party at the Playboy Mansion. It's funny, as I never expected to be included in a major Amercian award show gift lounge or ever have anything at the Playboy Mansion.

The lovely Nikki Cutro flew all the way accross the USA to be our representative and she did a stellar job. Some photo's can be seen at Nikki's page 13 Black Cats Design.