Golden Globes Gift Lounge

Golden Globes Gift Lounge
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cute Animal Art Shop

I don't know this shop owner personally but I came across her accidently while doing one of my other "Friends on Friday" blogs and bought some of her cards. Her art is amazingly detailed, fun, cute and reminds me of childhood story Books. The following is taken from Cute Animal Art Shop's profile:

Adele Dunne from the United States

About Me

The creator of the popular Whimbletails™ and Quiltzies™ collections of charming and whimsical animal art, Adele has been a working artist for many years. Trained at universities in the Boston area, including Mass. College of Art, U. Mass. Boston (painting), and Harvard's Peabody Museum (scientific illustration), she has shown her artwork in numerous galleries and three museums, including the Smithsonian. In addition to creating cute animal illustrations, Adele also paints realist landscapes and reverse paintings on Mylar, makes crafts of recycled found objects, ink paintings, jewelry, and experiments with cameraless photography.

When I was a child this clip would come on before shows on the ABC TV station. I was reminded of it when I saw this work.

Roger Glover And The Butterfly Ball - Love is All

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