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Golden Globes Gift Lounge
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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Now a lot of people give lip service about their beliefs, what should be done etc. but here is a little Brisbane lady who actually does something to try and help. Let me introduce Kira Commoner of Kommoner.

My name is Kira and I create vegan-friendly plushies, brooches and jewellery when I'm not studying my Sociology degree, volunteering or watching documentaries. I have many strong beliefs about animal and human rights and use my business to help fundraise for various charities to further these causes. In 2011 so far I have raised over $2,000!

I am inspired by my passions, comic books and fantasy novels to create dinosaurs, robots and other cool little critters. I love seeing people's faces when they find something that they adore and are able to take it home with them. I also get a lot of enjoyment out of the feedback that I get.

In the future I hope to shift fully to eco-fi felt and create more products such as patches, shirts and postcards. While I would love to be able to live off Kommoner one day, I also hope to get involved in a charitable organisation in order to help change the world!

Here is some examples of her whimsical work

You can see more of her work at:

Here is a list of who Kira has raised money for so far, well done Kira!

Just an overview of all donations that have been made since I created Kommoner. I am hoping that by having these here I can inspire myself to do better and others to join in.

October '11

Animals Australia - - 25.15 (as of 26/10/11)

2011 thus far

Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue - - 194.30

Oxfam Australia to help with the East Africa food crisis - - 1,060

Peninsula Animal Aid - - 292.80

Buy This Satellite - - 87.90

ARK - - 587.00

Uproar - - 39.80

RSPCA - - 105.75


Uproar - - 103.30

Movember - - 6.50

Kiva - - 5.64

TOTAL = $2506.74

*Note: These include money raised from bake sales, giveaways, promotions and auctions I've run and does NOT include plushie/jewellery donations given to other auctions/fundraisers.

Items donated to auctions/events for:

*Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue

*World Vegan Day

*Red Cross in New Zealand

Here is the song Kira picked for this blog and this is why she chose it. It does not have a clip to go with it unfortuneately.

I chose this song because I have been learning a lot about sexism and about how people are pretty much brainwashed by the media. This song talks about a young person wanting to look like the people in the media. It's sad, but I hope that one day we can change this.

The John Butler Trio - To Look Like You

To Look Like You ( April Uprising 2010 )

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