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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brisbane Floods - Brighton Cleanup.

After hearing that they needed help cleaning up the Brighton foreshore, my mate Tricia and I headed down there to see what we could do. It was a bit smelly and after being told to watch out for toads, glass and dead animals we pitched in. Little toads were hopping everywhere.

Anything you could think of was scattered across the waterfront, bits of fences, vegetables, house siding, fruit, a pontoon and even a water tank. Tricia found a syringe but thankfully the sharp was missing. I was walking along the the sandbanks trying to pick up every pit of polystyrene and plastic I could. The polystyrene espcially was scattered everywhere and I will never use a plastic straw again as we picked up hundreds of them

I then went back up to joing Tricia and the other volunteers to get all the branches and other bits of wood of the beach so we could get to the debris underneath. A lady came and gave us a can of drink and someone else left us cake. It was pretty amazing as all these people, that did not know each other, just got together and cleaned up. I really enjoyed helping out as I'm one of the lucky ones who did not sustain any flood damage to my home.

Volunteers gathering debris.

A water tank and other debris that the bob-cat brought up of the beach.

More rubbish piled up along the forshore. This is only one of many.

A pontoon that washed in.

Myself being a bit of a clown.

The huge pile of wood and trees we collected. It just kept getting bigger.

Hundreds of soldier crabs running along the sandbanks. You could hear the clatter of their little legs and at least some wildlife has survived.

ABC News item about how many people in Brisbane are out and about voluntering for the cleanup. Good on you guys. We rock in Queensland.

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