Golden Globes Gift Lounge

Golden Globes Gift Lounge
Eric Stonestreet at the Golden Globes Gift Lounge

Saturday, September 11, 2010






Mason and Toby

Ginny and Toby

I love my pets to bits, they make my life worth living. The majority of them are rescue animals. They seem to want to be with me all the time and keep me constant company. I wish I could take them everywhere with me. They will be flying to Melbourne with us when we do the big move. We are going to look very strange standing outside Tullamarine Airport with 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 Galahs and 2 Cockatiels. We have budgies and fish at the moment as well but the birds are quite old and I don't think fish fly too well so homes will be found for them.

In our long term plan we hope to move out to some acreage and get some alpacas or llamas, chooks, goats etc. My ultimate pet would be a camel and I hope to add one to my menagerie one day. What sort of pets do you guys have and what creature would be your ultimate pet?

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